Thursday, 21 November 2013

How do you say gratitude in American?

So the sun is shining, (American) Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and it got me thinking, what am I thankful for?  I've been wanting to write about this for awhile and since most of you readers are from south of the 49th, it seemed a good idea to time a gratitude post with Thanksgiving.  That, and I completely missed the boat on Canadian Thanksgiving.  

Mostly I am grateful for my family, friends and a daily hot shower, but since this blog is dedicated to the active life, I'll stick to that topic, so in no particular order, here goes!

I am thankful that I can participate in the active life.   It's not just the physical side though.  While I am very thankful to have a fully capable body with no impediments, I am even more appreciative of the people who support me in my sometimes crazy endeavours.  So to my incredible husband for letting me chase all these opportunities, my amazing friends for always listening and lining up at the start line with me, and you readers for actually reading  and encouraging me to get out there and find yet more fodder for this blog, thank you!!

I am thankful that I live in a society that allows women an equal opportunity to sports.  This doesn't happen everywhere and it's a shame.  I am forever grateful that any time I decide to step outside for a run, I am free to do so without fear of repercussion and that there are equal recreation opportunities for my son and daughter.

I am thankful for Tuesday Night Run Club.  Every Tuesday night at around 6:30, a group of runners gathers at the Run Inn in Tsawwassen.  Sometimes it's a pace workout (I love you 40/20 workout) and sometimes it's a long, slow 7km but it is always one of the highlights of my week, every week.   To be fair, there is a small group of us who head to the pub as a post-run ritual, which might be why I like Tuesday nights so very much.

I am thankful to live in climate where I can train outdoors year-round.  Last but certainly not least, it makes me crazy happy to be able to go outside and run no matter the season.  No, I don't always want to if it's below zero or above 30, but those extremes are rare, and for that, I say thank you mild West Coast weather.

That's my happy/thankful/grateful list, what's yours?

Monday, 4 November 2013

The perfect run

It's been said that perfection does not exist in nature but Sunday's 4th annual Boundary Bay Marathon/Half Marathon/10k/5k came pretty darn close.  According to sponsor Try Events they care.  They care enough to arrange an extra hour of sleep for everyone via the end of daylight savings time and I for one could feel the love.  The arrangement they made with the weather gods were a nice touch too-freezing, windy rain from hell on Saturday yet miraculously sunny and calm on Sunday morning.  Sweet!

Starting at Centennial Beach after a warm up with Ronald McDonald, the route went along the Boundary Bay dike in the sun with perfect views of the ocean, farmer's fields and the always beautiful Coast mountain range.  There were even bald eagles out to cheer everyone on.  Run races aren't even this nice in the movies!

Pretty sure a lot of PR's were earned thanks to the very flat and fast out-and-back gravel course.  I know my pal Alli scored her best time ever and Tenacious D (not her real name) was pretty happy with her run too.  This was my first race with music and what a difference!  Between the tunes and the great course, I was within a minute of my personal best (thanks Bruce Springsteen for getting me through kilometer 8!).

Hard to find any fault with this event at all-the ladies bathroom had it's ubiquitous crazy long line up but there were extra mobile washrooms available (I snuck into the line-up free Family washroom, shhhh.)  Well organized, very nice long-sleeved tech shirt in the race package, free coffee, decent post-race fuel, good entertainment (not just Ronald McDonald), sunshine, just one of those perfect runs.

So yeah, if you like amazing scenery, a well organized race that just so happens to sponsor a great cause like helping sick kids stay with their families, along with a flat, fast course and enough categories for all of your friends to find something they like, this is your run.  

What's your perfect run? Fave running tunes? I would love to add to my playlist!  See you out there!  Pics will be on Instagram :)

P.S.  If you are looking for a fun run you can do with the whole family, please be sure to check out the VanMarrewyk Christmas Fundraiser happening November 16th!