Saturday, 26 October 2013

The running partners everyone should have....

It's a beautiful, sunny, fall day out there, or at least at it is in the neck of the woods, and the perfect day for a run.   While getting out there on these kinds of days is a day-maker for any runner, it's always better when you share it with someone else, right?   Here are some of the run partners that everyone should try at least once:

1)The too-fast-for-you friend: It probably won't be a conversation to remember as you'll be too busy gasping for air but running with this guy/gal will improve your cardio conditioning and show you what you're made out of (tough stuff, of course).  

2)Self-centered Johnny/Jane:  A boring run for sure, Johnny Self-Centered only talks about his past exploits and future plans and never asks about how you're doing these days.  The benefit?  Learning to tune out distractions and focus on getting through the tough part of a run.  Also useful for learning all kinds of info about Johnny you can use for blackmail in the future if need be.

3)A small child:  This group makes the too-fast-for-you friends look like a bunch of wussies.  I recently took my 7-year-old out for a run with me and got schooled, big time.  She was running circles around me, showing me how she could speed-walk as fast as I could run and doing cartwheels, all while keeping pace with me.  The upside?  Remembering that running is a joyful activity and actually seeing that joy on someone's face.  Just make sure you have the parent's permission before you take off running with the kid.

4)The dedicated power walker:  A walker you say? Yes.  Sure it sounds like the world's most boring activity but if you have ever tried to keep up  with a dedicated, hard-charging walker, you know how difficult it is.  Not only will you gain some serious respect for this group, you'll work some muscles you didn't know you had (and you'll reallllly feel it in the morning).

5)The Newbie:  Three words-pay it forward. Getting out there with someone just starting out can show just how far you've come as a runner and also shows the newbies the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, i.e, it won't always be gasping for air and doubling over in exhaustion, sometimes it's fun!  Confidence building and good-karma catching all on one run-a win/win for sure!

So there you have it-did I leave anyone out that should have been included?  Hope you get the chance to get outside and enjoy the fall weather before Old Man Winter is upon us!

See you out there!

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