Monday, 5 August 2013

First things first....

             Welcome to the Race Vault!   I'm starting this blog as a way to share my adventures and misadventures from my quest to try everything once.  Well, everything from the world of races and active living, that is.   If there is a run/swim/cycle/triathlon/chance to get chased by zombies (Zombie Run, August 24th, Olympia WA, )-I'm there!   So far I have 10 triathlons, 1 mud race and countless runs notched in my race belt.  The big goals are the BMO Half Marathon (1st Half Marathon), the Tough Mudder, hiking the Chief in Squamish and the Vancouver Triathlon.  I have been talking myself out of doing the Vancouver Tri for various reasons for the past 4 years so 2014 is going to be the year it happens.  Here's hoping that a regiment of solid training and making all of this public keeps me honest :)  There are also a couple of new races in Vancouver-the Vancouver Eastside 10k on September 14th and an 8k cross country race happening this November in Stanley Park-worth checking out!
                   On top of racing, I'm always on the lookout for newer and funner (it's a word) places to get active-my current faves are the Fred Gingell stairs, the  Run Clinics at the Run Inn in Tsawwassen (6:30 every Tuesday night, come join us!) and the Lochside/Galloping Goose bike trail in Victoria, which was the source of my greatest misadventure yet-a fractured elbow 30km from home.  Let's just say it's a good idea to become proficient with clip-in bike shoes before you head out on a big ride with some tricky terrain or you too may end up staring longingly at your unused bike for the summer.
                    It's not just all about me though-I want to hear from you!  Favourite races?  Places to get your active on?  All of your adventures and misadventures, I wanna hear 'em!   My heart is racing at the thought of finally getting my first post out there, but here we go, in with both feet!   Thanks for reading and see you out there.


  1. the one and only race i have completed so far was last year at the Color Me Rad Race at UBC. I went with 4 of my "baby-mama" girlfriends and we made a weekend out of it and stayed in a hotel. It was a great excuse to leave our hubbys with the kiddos and get out and have fun. What we liked about the run was many things! The colour - the tshirts - the sunglasses (I still wear mine :) and the atmosphere. What we didnt like was the lack of venders at the finish line (we were all starving and thirsty!) Next time we will bring our own lunch and someone to watch our stuff at the finish line :P Great blog!

  2. Thanks L! Will definitely keep in mind for CMR this year! Hope to see you at some races :)