Saturday, 17 August 2013

It's that time of year......

So it's the middle of August and September is racing towards us way too quickly.  A certain commercial says "It's the most wonderful time of the year" with the kiddos going back to kid-jail/school but it's also that bittersweet point in the summer: Bitter because I think "Damn!  I did not get in the amount of open water swimming I wanted to" and Sweet because it's nearing that time where we sit down and think about goals for the coming season.  For the record, the amount of actual open water swimming I managed to do was half an hour in Nicola Lake (There was a leech.  It attacked a friend which lead to a hilarious but traumatic scene-who would want to go in after that?)

Since there is still some time left for open water swim and the lovely views that go along with it, check out these highly recommended spots (please follow the usual safety rules if you're going to a lake or the ocean):

White Pine Beach at Sasamat Lake:  Pro-it's warm  Con-it's very, extremely popular

Centennial Beach in Delta: Pro-it's warm salt water Con-seaweed and having to time for the tides

Various Outdoor pools around town: there's the Ladner Outdoor Pool, the Al Anderson pool in Langley for 25m pools, the UBC outdoor pool for a 50m pool and of course the Kits Beach pool if you're in need of a 137m pool and one of the best views around.

For anyone thinking of learning how to swim this year, I cannot recommend it enough!!!  When I started five years ago my only aquatic skill was a doggy paddle. I was also terrified of putting my face in the water.  Now it's my favourite activity and there's been no looking back.   Check out Red Cross lessons for adults-if they can make a swimmer out of me, they can make a swimmer out of anyone.  I would also recommend checking the internet for local swim/triathlon clubs.

Experienced swimmers-time to start training for new challenges!  The Vancouver Open Water Swim Association ( is wrapping up it's 2013 season but for anyone who is comfortable swimming 1000m in a pool, they are a great option for next year and they also put on a few races throughout the year-you'll see me there in 2014!

That's it for now-did I miss any swimming hotspots?  Favourite pools?  Talk to you next week if I survive the Zombie run!

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