Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tips for enjoying the Zombie Apocalypse

This past weekend I had a chance to participate in the Zombie Apocalypse, as imagined by the lovely folks at Run For Your Lives.  I definitely feel more prepared for the impending doom-here's some tips for rookies who haven't had a chance to run scared from the undead:

1) Figure out where the annihilation is happening before the big day: Fellow zombie hunter Alli and I assumed the race would be in Seattle because all events in Washington happen in Seattle.  Wrong.  After we hit Seattle, we drove for two more hours and hooked a left for another 40km to McCleary, and assumed we had missed the race.  We made it but with a lot of unnecessary grief.  Bad idea because we all know zombies can smell fear.

2)Make friends with your fellow racers, you will need them:  As you attempt to make your way to the Safe Zone with all 3 flags (making it in with one flag means you survived, no flags means infected), you are going to encounter a lot of zombies, sometimes just one, sometimes an entire horde.  Your best chance at making it past unscathed/with all of your flags lies in running past them in a large pack.  Some zombies will make half-hearted attempts for your flags, some will actually chase you and make that horrible zombie noise in your ear.

3)The path to freedom is rife with hills, mud, and obstacles:  Yes, the Zombie Apocalypse has a lot of hills-work on those leg muscles, you're gonna need them.  And every other muscle-the obstacles you will encounter along the way are tough!   You will need your fellow racers to get through/over some of them because the mud makes them so slippery-my clothes and shoes picked up about 10lbs worth of mud over the 5km.  You will crawl through more mud than you've ever seen in your life, swim through a blood pit, under live wires and an electric fence or two. 

4)Bring a waterproof, disposable camera:  The photo ops of the End of Days are pretty spectacular but would destroy event the toughest iPhone/electronic device.  I have barely any pics and am pretty bummed about it.  The link above has some good ones.

Feel more prepared now?  Good.   Sadly, Alli and I were infected (the current tally stands at 44,344 survivors and 97,525 infected). The Run For Your Lives crew put on a very good, well organized event/apocalypse practice however it was tough to find food afterwards (running scared works up quite the appetite!).  For anyone looking to give this a try next year, I wholeheartedly recommend doing the race twice-once as a runner AND once as a zombie (professional zombie make up included), not sure which one looked like more fun!  Fingers crossed it comes to Vancouver next year too.   

Would you rather chase or be chased?

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  1. The zombies in the photo were the nicest girls :)